Rapper MC Breed verstorben

Der amerikanische Rapper MC Breed ist tot. Der aus Flint, Michigan stammende Rapper wurde nur 36 Jahre alt.
Wie unsere Partnersite Wildstylemag.com meldet, wurde MC Breed bereits am 6. September 2008 in ein Krankenhaus in Atlanta eingeliefert. Beim Basketballspiel brach er zusammen. Diagnose Nierenversagen. Breed wurde an lebenserhaltende Maschinen angeschlossen. Die Suche nach einer Spenderniere war erfolglos.
MC Breed kam bereits mit 17 Jahren in das Musik-Biz, arbeitete mit 2 Pac oder Too Short.

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  1. My cousin and Big Breed did a song together back in Flint and I must say that Breed passing has left a void in the hiphop scene in Flint.

    Breed was the one who put mid-west rap on the map; he always represented Flint. I never knew Big Breed personally; however my brother and cousin was extremely tight with Breed.
    Breed was never into gangsterism but he was into telling the realities of Flint, not none of this bubblegum rap but real and raw. This is how we do it in the midwest, we keep it real even when we are commercial.

    Breed paved the way for groups such as The Dayton Family, Top Authority, Bone, Thugs, Harmony not to forget his DFC posse and others. I have some of Breeds demos and back in 1987 he was a beast on the mic. Underrated, some might disagree but unlike many rappers Breed wasn’t into image this is why he shied away from being a thug. My brother met Breed and 2Pac but connected with Breed because Breed was genuine and not into that „star“ attitude. Breed was a respected artist in the rap world who is now chilling at the crossroads with Eazy-E, Notorious BIG, Tupac, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, John Lennon, etc.

    If you are a fake ass „Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin“-MC Breed 1988
    RIP Eric Breed-An original Flintstone in the gangstah lean in Bedrock in Gracelawn.

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